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How to write an effective explainer video script

by | Apr 30, 2019 | Video Marketing

Need an awesome animated explainer video? It all starts with a good script. Here are our thoughts on how to write an effective explainer video script.

Explainer videos are everywhere and for a good reason. They pack a lot of punch. In as little as 60 seconds you can introduce a product, service or concept and have your website visitors converting. But we’ve all seen bad explainer videos, so what makes the good ones… good? It all comes down to the script. While you’ll need to consider many aspects during the process of creating an explainer video, none are quite as important as writing an effective, rock solid script.

If you plan on having your video production company write the script, it’s still worth understanding what goes into making a good script. You’re the expert in your business and you’ll need to provide the writer with some key information.

Image of people writing an explainer video script

Preparing the Script

Understand why you’re doing this.

You’re not making this just because it’s trendy. A good explainer video will directly boost website conversions. Do a little research to understand why your website visitors are not converting. Identify their main questions and objections. A good explainer video will not only explain your product or service, it will tackle your audience’s most common objections and questions. ( Click to tweet)

Start at the end.

What do you want your viewers to do immediately after the video. Consider where the video will live on your website and what additional information will surround it. An effective video will leave the viewer ready to take action. It’s important to make your call(s) to action easily accessible after the video. Knowing this, you’ll probably need to budget money and time for some web work as well.

Let your brand shape the tone.

This video won’t exist in a vacuum. Consider your brand identity and existing marketing materials while determining the tone of your script. While humour typically works well in most explainer videos, every brand is different and it might not work for yours. If you’re unsure of how your brand identity should influence your script, think about your audience’s interests.

Writing the Script

Introduce the solution immediately.

The first thing that a viewer should see or hear is the almighty one-liner about your product or service. Sure, you offer dozens of features, different varieties and excellent customer service, but what does it all boil down to. Why does your product or service exist?

Establish the problem.

Time to dive in and present your viewers with the main problem. Use a real example and paint a picture. Give your viewers something to relate to. As you crack open the problem, identify additional issues or concerns based on the common objections you identified in the earlier stages.

Explain the solution.

Now the fun part. Present your product or service as the solution. For every issue you raised while establishing the problem, provide a real example of how your product or service is the best solution. Don’t be afraid to be specific, your viewers will understand and relate to real examples and real results.

Ask for the sale.

This is sales 101 – always ask for the sale. Whether its signing up, clicking buy or requesting additional information, provide your viewers with the next step.

Anticipate and deflect objections.

This is your last opportunity to quickly convince any remaining viewers who still have objections or questions. Think of this as your answer to the question, “what’s the catch?” Make it quick and only focus on any remaining objections or questions you identified earlier.

Wrap it up.

Finish up by reminding your the viewers of the main solution from the beginning and asking once again for the sale.

Revising the Script

Writing a good script is no easy task. It’s going to take multiple versions before you hit one that get’s it just right. When seeking out a video production company, ask if they provide script writing or script revising services. With their expertise in video production and your knowledge of the product and service, collaborating on the script will likely lead to better results.

At R. Hamilton Media we offer both script writing and script revising services and would be happy to work with you on your next explainer video.

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