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5 Questions You Should Answer Before Starting a Video Project

by | Aug 13, 2019 | Video Marketing

Answering these questions can help ensure the success of your next video project.

As we discussed in our previous blog post, video content can be and should be an important part of almost all marketing plans. If you’re setting out to begin a video project and are unsure of where to start, answering these questions should get you heading in the right direction. It’s alright if you don’t have answers to all of the questions – most video marketing and video production companies should be able to assist you and provide direction.

Here are five questions you should answer before starting a video project.

1. What is the purpose of this video?

This is the big one. Think back, what got you thinking about making this video? Is there a specific problem you’re trying to solve? Answering this question is essentially creating an objective for your video. Creating a SMART objective or having a solid answer to this question will help steer the project and make it easy to measure your results once the project is complete.

2. Who is your primary audience?

When it comes to defining a target audience, there is no such thing as the general public. In most cases, shotgun approaches don’t work. The best thing to do is drill down to the specifics.

  • How old are they?
  • What gender are they?
  • Where do they live?
  • Where do they work?
  • What are their interests?
  • And so on…
Image of a bunch of people wearing yellow t-shirts.
If you sell yellow t-shirts… I think we found your audience.

3. How will this video reach your audience? 

This question is one that’s often overlooked. Think of it like this. You’re organizing an event. You do some research and come up with a plan. You book a venue, order catering, hire decorators and then you don’t invite anyone. You would never do that! So why create a concept, write a script, produce, shoot and edit a video to have no one watch it?

The best thing to do is have a plan for the finished video. Will it live on your website? What content will surround it on the website? Will it be on social media? Will you pay to promote it on social media? This plan needs to be created before the video as it will likely influence many decisions about the video itself.

Image of empty seats.
People don’t just show up. Have a plan to get your video in front of your audience.

4. What is your initial concept?

You may already have a concept for the video. That’s great. While the first idea isn’t always the best idea, it’s a leaping-off point. Write it out in a few sentences.

If you’re struggling with this one, don’t worry. That’s why you’re hiring video professionals! Just know that any ideas or thoughts you provide will give the team at the video production company some insight into your thinking. With that said, be open to other ideas and be prepared to leave this initial concept behind. Often, the final product will be very different.

5. What do you like?

This question relates to number four. Based on your initial concept, have you seen any videos online that are similar to your idea? If so, keep track of them to share with the video production company you hire. Note what you specifically like about the videos. While your finished video could be completely different from these references, showing and discussing them with your video professionals will help align everyone’s thinking.

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