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R. Hamilton Media

Winnipeg Video Production

R. Hamilton Media is a Winnipeg video production company that specializes in creating great video content using animation, motion graphics, and live-action video. With over 15 years of experience, we have a proven record of delighting our clients and exceeding expectations.

We work closely with you. We listen carefully to your ideas, stories, and messages and craft them into engaging videos. Whether your project is just getting started or it’s well underway, our team will help you along the way and work with your schedule. Take a look at our work and get in touch!



We’re experts in animation. We’ll make your next explainer or motion graphics video stand out.


We have top-notch gear and the know-how to use it. From concept to delivery, we’ll ensure your video is great.

Video Signage

From multi-panel video walls to huge LED displays, we make great content that turns heads.

Our Team

Robin D. Hamilton

Robin D. Hamilton

Owner & Creative Director

With over 15 years of experience in the Winnipeg video production and motion graphics industry, Robin wakes up every morning thankful the days of betacams and interlaced video are gone. After being completely enthralled with the Etch-a-Sketch Animator 2000 at age nine, he actively pursued a career in design & animation. Today, the tools have changed but his passion for all things moving has remained the same. The founder of R. Hamilton Media, Robin has dedicated his career life to making awesome videos that blow away his awesome clients.
Scott Anderson

Scott Anderson

Producer & Marketing Specialist

Scott is a graduate of the University of Winnipeg and Red River College’s joint communications program and a fan of all things video. He wears many hats at R. Hamilton Media and assists with every stage of a project from planning to delivery. When he’s not pleading with the cat to stop snoring, Scott’s busy keeping everyone and everything on the right track. Engaged with the Winnipeg video production community, during his free time he’s often focused on his next short film or doc.
Mr. Bigglesworth

Mr. Bigglesworth

Production Supervisor & Lead Napper

Mr. Bigglesworth has worked at R. Hamilton Media his entire life! A crucial member of the team, he has proficient skills in snoring and eating his own fur. When he’s not busy looking for the next box to sleep in, he’s often found flicking his tail and brushing up against everyone’s legs like a weirdo. A star on social media (cat video anyone!?), it’s surprising Mr. B’s not more full of himself. Quite the contrary, he’s the snuggliest one of our crew with no qualms about entering anyone’s personal space.

R. Hamilton Media

716 Paddington Rd
Winnipeg, MB
R2N 4R3

204 223-9543

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